Wonderful Daughter We Are So Blessed To Have - Bat Mitzvah Speech

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Speech Description

This Bat Mitzvah speech highlights the importance of kindness and compassion.

Judaism considers these attributes to be two of the most important values to strive towards.

"The spirit of the law tells us – when your friend asks for ink, you give it to him. Or in other words, it tells us to care about those around us, be kind and considerate of them and try to help them out in times of need."

"There is a Hebrew word for this – it is called 'Chesed'. Chesed, or loving kindness, is perhaps, one of the ultimate values to which Jews should strive."

This Bat Mitzvah speech will help you to show your daughter the all important message that God wants us to look after each other as we go through life, care for those around us, and partake in acts of loving kindness.

"The Rabbi’s teach us that God Himself is the original model of kindness: they tell us that He clothed Adam and Eve when they were naked, visited Abraham when he was sick, comforted Isaac in his grief when his father died, buried Moses after he died."

"The Torah commands us to follow in God's ways and, therefore, we should likewise clothe the naked, visit the sick, comfort the bereaved and bury the dead. We should be generous to each other and show our compassion and respect for each other at all times."

This Bat Mitzvah speech ends with a truly special message to your daughter about how proud you are of her, and how blesses you both are to have a daughter so wonderful."

"Your mother/father and I hope that you will go through life as a fine Jewess, always remembering that ‘Chesed’, or loving kindness, is perhaps, one of the ultimate values to which Jews should strive."

"Our dream is that you will always be a person who actively seeks out ways to help others and make this world a better place for everyone who meets you. And Naomi… do you know something wonderful? … we both believe that you will make our dream come true!"

"Because that’s the kind of wonderful daughter we are so blessed to have in you."

Suitable For

This Bat Mitzvah speech is suitable for any parent to give at their daughters Bat Mitzvah.


  Made me cry - S.W.

Our daughter cried, which made me cry. Thank you for this heart warming speech

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