Achieving Your Personal Goals - Motivational Speech

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A Professionally Written Motivational Speech

This Motivational speech has been tried and tested on a live audience. Each Motivational speech can vary between 6 to 10 minutes but can be reduced in length, by using selected passages. Motivational speeches end with a toast where appropriate.

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Speech Description

This motivational speech draws on the unlikeliest sources of 'Skydiving', 'Stranded Starfish' and 'Saint Francis of Assisi' as motivators to help you define and achieve your personal goals.

"A man was walking along a long sandy beach one day and he noticed a little girl standing at the edge of the water throwing stranded starfish back into the sea."

"And, because everywhere you looked, all up and down the strand, there were thousands of stranded starfish, the man asked the little girl in a puzzled voice... 'Why are you doing that?' "

"The girl answered, 'If they don't get back into the water quickly, they'll die.' "But there are so many of them - how will it make any different?' the man enquired."

This speech works, it draws on so many unlikely sources to prove a very simple point: '... the footprints in the sands of time, were not made by people who stood still!'

Your audience will be nodding along in agreement with all of the points made in this speech.

"Because, sometimes when the task ahead of us looks so big ... so impossibly complex ... there is a temptation to give up. We feel that our personal contribution is so small that it will make no difference."

"But it does make a difference! Sometimes the difference is so small that we ourselves don't notice it ... or can't see it. But, from someone else's perspective it could make an ENORMOUS difference. "

The most important thing about this motivational speech is this .... people will never forget it!

Suitable For

This motivational speech is suitable for anyone to give.


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